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Welcome to EasyCareer. This is a site, made by students for Students, Teachers, Professional present and past. We are here to connect the world, fix education, and change the future the way it should be now.

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Look at schools, find what majors they offer, their requirements, scholarship opertunities, sports opertunities, clubs, job placement rates, campus size, living/on campus transportation, and even the cost.


Talk to people in you're desired field, or even talk to other students and see what you want to do. We offer links to major career placement or idea sites, along with allowing you to take sample tests and classes! Were changing the way school choice works!


Lets look into you're major. We offer all kinds of information from starting salaries, to expected job placement rate, and even going as far as to helping get internships with companies! You can see the expected need for people in a field too!


Want to plan out you're college career but aren't sure where to start, or if you can stay on track? Well, check out our NEW 'PTL' Which allows you to plan out not only you're classes, locations, and times, but see you're track to you're degree! (School pending.)

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