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What is the point of this site?

Easy Career was designed and implemented in the hopes to further enhance the user's knowledge of a career or field of their choice. We want to make career finding a social experience, not a solitary box in which you study and present fake examples which have no power or ties to reality. We want to provide real events including modern issues, and modern tasks [Field depending].

Choosing a career or even a college isn't an easy thing. This site isn't here as a guide, or a template, but instead as an aid. We offer suggestions and assistance, but not rules or instructions to follow.

We are attempting to make integration and communication between all parts of a career or profession. This is also an attempt to connect the world instead of just around you. We want to make everyone from everywhere part of this. From a small idea, to a full blown career we offer assistance, recommendations, and field experiences to show you not only what its like but what to expect if you decide to further an interest in this career.

We offer the ability to connect with people who are looking at similar fields, starting in a field, who have been in a field, or have even retired or started teaching others about a field! Talk to them all, learn from their experience or any other field and explore what the world has to offer and make a decision that you can be proud of in a few years, or more!

FAQ and other things coming soon!

Easy Career ~About Us ~

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